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Ideological Leader: Khan Abdul Wali Khan
President: Asfandyar Wali Khan
ANP has been working for the rights of all minority nationalities of Pakistan. Today ANP is popular mostly among pushtuns of NWFP and Tribal areas. ANP advocates more power and liberty for the provinces. ANP's idealogy is based upon the teachings and life of Bacha Khan. The tow issues that ANP is loved and hated for are:
Cancelation of Kalbagh Dam.
Changing the name of North West Fronteir Province to Pukhtun Khua.

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Idealogical Leader: Khan Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai Shaheed
Chairman: Khan Mahmud Khan Achakzai
Like ANP, PKMAP is also struggling for the rights of Pukhuns of Pakistan. However, PKMAP is rather more blunt about its ideaology and for this reason is becoming very pouplar among young and educated pushtuns. PKAMP has its power base is northern Balochistan, which is a predominatly pushtun area. PKMAP advocates the unification of NWFP, Tribal Areas, Nothern Areas and Northern Balochistan into one provice called Pukhunkhua or Pukhtunistan.

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